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Cauliflower Fritters and Chicken Sausage

20140326-220153.jpgI made the pretty standard cauliflower fritters again with a good amount (4 oz)  of lite feta. Again, the feta really gives it a good amount of flavor! I also added a lot of dried onion, garlic powder, and pepper. Plus a little bit of sriracha. Finally, the only thing I did was to make them smaller.

They were really good! I actually intended it to be a double serving but I ate all of the fritters. I also had 2 and a half chicken sausages (100 cal/each).


Lentil Moussakka

(forgot to take a photo since I didn’t eat it that night)

I made the pretty standard recipe except I discovered a few changes that really made life easier. Rather than broil the eggplant slices, I roasted them at 450 for 15 minutes. This way, I didn’t have to watch it or flip it and I could do two trays at once. It significantly reduced the amount of work.

I think that broiling is better since it makes them more crispy, but I am far from convinced that it would be noticeable in the final product when you have it baked in a wet sauce for a while and the reduction in work is well worth it. (I will update the post to account for this change)

Also, I made it into my corningware dish. I had a lot extra that I was able to make  a large single serving (with sauce) and a small side-dished size without sauce.

Ham Steak with Egg and Roasted Asparagus


I wanted a fast and high protein meal after a century ride and this is the best I came up with. I cut a whole in a ham steak and cooked an egg in it. I think I cooked it a bit too long but it wasn’t too bad. Certainly did the job of being so much protein. However, I could probably have skipped doing the egg in the ham steak. Next time, I’ll just fry an egg separately.

I also had roasted asparagus. I roasted it at 450 for 15 minutes. I do not know if it was too long/too hot or if it was the fact that this was really old asparagus, but it was very, very mushy. Oh we’ll, it was still good enough

Brussel Sprouts and Smoked Sausage

20140320-202518.jpgI made a pretty simple meal. I roasted (2 lbs) of brussel sprouts and 3 pieces of smoked turkey sausage. I sliced the brussel sprouts  and roasted them along with the sausage for 30 minutes at 400F. The brussel sprouts were fine but the sausage got over cooked. Next time, I will do the sausage for the last ten minutes or so.

The seasonings were mostly salt, pepper, garlic powder and rosemary.

Other than trimming and slicing the brussel sprouts, this was a fast and very easy meal. Eating two pounds of brussel sprouts was a bit much and would be enough for lunch the next day (but with more meat) in the future.


Chicken Cabbage Stir Fry

20140319-190815.jpgI made a chicken-cabbage stir-fry of sorts. It was actually inspired by the egg rolls last week.

I started by making shredded chicken. In the past, I pressure cooked it but this time, I just poached it. I used ~2/3 lbs of chicken. Most sites said to simmer for 10 minutes and let it sit in the water for another 10-15. That is basically what I did with broth (Osem since its easy) with additional spices

While the chicken simmering, I chopped half a head of cabbage, half a bunch of dino kale, and two small carrots. Once it was finished poaching, I sauteed 1/2 an onion in a bit of olive oil. I then added 4 cloves of chopped garlic and a good amount of grated ginger.

I added all of the veggies then a bit of the poaching liquid to steam and wilt the green. I added some oyster sauce, sriracha, teriyaki sauce (the thin stuff, not Soy Vey) and a few other seasonings.

I used the mixer to shred the chicken and added that.

Overall, it was actually really good. It made a decent amount of food with a lot of food. The oyster sauce smelled pretty bad but actually tasted fine in the mix.


Roasted Green Beans and Sautéed Shrimp

20140319-160427.jpgI made a pretty simple meal. I roasted two (!!) pounds of french green beans. I tossed them with a little bit of olive oil then (too much) Penzy’s Sandwich Sprinkle. I simply roasted them for 15 minutes at 450. This was a lot easier than sautéing! Next time, I will go much lighter on the seasonings. It was very salty. I like using the french green beans from Costco since you don’t really have to cut off the stems.

I also sauteed about 2/3 lbs of shrimp with a little bit of olive oil and some salt, pepper, crushed red pepper, and garlic powder. The shrimp were not shelled as I had thought but I just pealed them while I ate. They were pretty good though maybe a bit overdone.

Not a lot to this meal except a large mass of green beans. About 20 minutes total and much of that time was passive!


Taco Stew


Meredith and I made the pretty standard lentil taco stew. We went a bit heavy on everything to make a bit more. We also tried an experiment: we had some leftover bacon fat from the morning so as used that. It made it smell good but the flavor was a bit out if place.

We also separately sautéed two jalapeños (forgot them sooner) and added that. It made the apartment fill with jalapeño burn. Ouch.

It made enough for two dinner and two lunches.

BATs (Bacon, Avocado, Tomato)

20140317-195848.jpgWe had a pretty simple breakfast: BATs (Bacon, Avocado, Tomato) We had Whole Foods’ Black Forrest Bacon which we baked at 350 until it was crisp (Best bacon and best method to bake it). We also had a not-quite-ripe avocado, tomato slices and Brummel and Browns. The bread was a few slices of rye from last week’s meals and small (slightly stale) rolls from Whole Foods.

Simple and good meal.