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Butter Chicken Sunday, February 24, 2019, 08:34 PM


I made Butter Chicken based on this YouTube video which I also transcribed (and copied) into LOCAL. I followed the recipe pretty closely including getting the Kashmiri chili powder and finding fenugreek. I do have a few minor notes:

I was pretty happy with it. I felt like it had some of the Indian flavors though maybe not the same as you'd get at a restaurant. I also felt like it was a bit sweet. I would use less next time.

I also made brown rice with about 1/2 cup meal (1/4 cup dry)

Thoughts for next time

I've been doing some reading and this recipe I followed is significantly healthier. For example, NYtimes calls for 12x the cream and 2x the butter. But I like some of those flavors too.

I think next time I will: