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Chicken Vindaloo and Whole Wheat Baked Samosas Tuesday, August 17, 2010, 09:37 PM


The chicken vindaloo comes from this recipe (epicurious). I followed some of the commenters and sauteed the onions first. I also did not have cayenne pepper so I used siracha sauce. Also, I initially measured out the said amount of seasonings and then I just added more. Not very specific but it did not have enough flavor. Finally, I sauteed the chicken a bit first to make sure it was fully cooked.

The samosas were highly successful. See the post with the recipe. It makes 6 but only 4 are shown. Meredith experimented with a different folding on one.


Vindaloo (halfed. Made two servings)

~8 oz bonless skinless chicken...6

4 oz potatoes...3

other assorted...1



1 cup whole wheat flour...440/2/16

Greek Yogurt...133/0/0


1/4 lb potato...3 points

1/2 cup peas...1 point

So, the crust has 570 cal with 2 grams of fat and 16 grams of fiber. You split it into 6 so that is one point per serving.

The filling is 4 points and you split it into 6 so just say one point each to account for anything else.

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