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Torta Salata ai Funghi and Baked Artichoke Hearts Thursday, February 17, 2011, 10:11 PM


This was rougly based on the recipe below but we made some major changes to make it healthy. First of all, we used almond milk instead of cream/milk. We also cut the butter and used Smart Balance (less of it too). Finally, we did it without a pie bottom and usedPillsburyReduced FatCrescentsas a toping. We used lite Jarlesburgh on top.

Honestly, it wasn't incredible. It just lacked some flavor. I do not think the missing flavor was butter but I do not know what it was. It just didn't taste like a "pot-pie". Oh well.

The artichokes were the canned ones we rinsed really well and topped with garlic, seasonings and a tad of bread crumbs. They were still rather salty

Point wise was okay. The mushroom stuff had very little points itself. ThePillsburywasalmostexactly 2.5 per sheet and there were 4 on the topping so it wasn'tawful.

Torta Salata ai Funghi [Savory Mushroom Pie](from FreshMushrooms)

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