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Sloppy Joes and Curry Cauliflower Sunday, February 10, 2013, 08:10 PM


20130210-201032.jpgI made sloppy joes using the usual recipe. In addition to regular bell peppers, I also used a bunch of peppers that Meredith gave me (I'll add the kind later). They were really small so I just chopped them and let the seeds stay. They were a bit hot and I was constantlycoughingwhile cooking, but the heat wasn't too bad while I was eating it. Not much more to add than that. I let it cook for a while and then topped it with a mass of spinach and arugula.

I also had curry cauliflower. I was careful to watch it so it didn't overcook. As per the usual, it was extremely good. A nice crisp and lots of flavor. It is also really easy and low in points.

PointsPlus for sloppy joes (all 4):

2/3 lbs extra lean beef...11

3/4 cup ketchup (I went light but I'll keep it)...8

4x Arnolds...10


29 for 4 so figure 15 for dinner and 14 for lunch.

Update: They were Thai Birds Eye Chili

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