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Slow-Cooked Curry Chicken Over Wheat Berries and Roasted Broccoli Monday, April 01, 2013, 09:28 PM



I made curry chicken and served it over wheat berries (instead of brown rice) with roasted broccoli. This was an interesting meal since I used both very slow cooking for the chicken and very fast [pressure] cooking for the wheat-berries.

I did the chicken in the slow-cooker. I made the sauce the night before.In a bit of oil, I lightly browned grated ginger, garlic (two cloves), curry powder, and a bunch of red-curry paste. I used 3 cups of almond-coconut milk with some ginger chuncks and a bit more curry powder. I also added salt and pepper. I cut the chicken into pieces and marinated in mix overnight then put the whole thing in the slow-cooker in the morning on low.

I do not understand what curdled in it since there was no dairy, but something did, as you can see. Overall, the chicken was overcooked. I think even with 3 cups of milk, there wasn't enough to fill the cooker so it was a bit too hot. And the whole thing wasn't incredibly flavorful as I had hoped.

For the wheat berries,I read a few different things but I finally just kind of made it up. I skipped the presoak as I had in the past which seemed fine. I mixed 1 cup of dry wheat berries with 2 or so cups of water. I pressure cooked it on high for 12-15 minutes and then released. They were cooked but a bit chewy. I drained the excess water.

I also roastedbroccoli(425 for about 25-30 min, rotated once)which came out pretty good!

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