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Zucchini+Pasta with a Fried egg and Roasted Curry Caulflower Tuesday, April 16, 2013, 09:07 PM



I based this loosely on this recipe. Basically, I thinly sliced zucchini into little pieces using the mandolin. I then added a tad of olive oil and lots of salt and pepper. Then I added 1 serving of Whole Wheat Plus pasta. I added a bunch of grated ricotta salata. I mixed it all together and microwaved it to warm it up. After it was done, I added two "fried" eggs. (probably over-medium. No oil, just doen in the pan). I added more salt and pepper plus more cheese. It was really good. The egg flavor mixed well with the salt and pepper (and cheese).

I also made curried cauliflower. It was very good but way toooooooo salty. The salt shaker broke open a bit and poured in. Still, it was very good. Crispy as always and really good.

I didn't calculate the points, but it must be low. Just the pasta, a bit of oil, the eggs and the cheese.

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