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Carrot (and regular) Pasta with Zucchini Fritters Sunday, May 12, 2013, 08:02 PM


20130512-200242.jpgI made a mixture of carrot "pasta" and regular. The carrot pasta was inspired by this Kitchn Post, but I didn't really follow anything specific. I used avegetablepeeler to slice down 4-5 carrots (after discarding the outside). Then, I put four cloves of minced garlic into about 1 tbsp of olive oil and a heaping scoop of Smart Balance (already hot). I also added a heaping pinch of crushed red pepper. After that went for about 30 seconds, I added the carrots and then one serving (2oz dry) of mostly cooked pasta. I mixed it all and added a bit of the pasta water. I also added garlic powder, salt and pepper. When I put it into the bowl, I added some cheese.

It came out very good. Much more bulk than just the pasta and a good amount of flavor. I liked it very much and I woulddefinitelydo it again. I may also find a way to get more of the carrot out of it. I still had a good amount of carrot left. Using thicker carrots would work much better but they didn't have them at the supermarket.

I also madezucchini fritterswith with no major changes. I did let them cook a bit more to crisp them up.

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