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Calamari Steak and Roasted Asparagus Monday, May 20, 2013, 10:29 AM


20130521-102918.jpgI started with roastedasparagus I put them on parchment paper, pammed them, and added salt and pepper. I cooked them at 425 for about 10-15 minutes. These were really thin so you may need more time for thicker ones. Of course, I find the thin ones to be the best.

I wasn't really sure how to do the calamari steak but I decided to pat it dry and season it with McCormick Chicken Seasoning, salt and pepper. I then did it on a hot grill pan for a minute per side. A lot of recipes said to score it but it looked like it was already scored with lots of little cuts so I skipped that.

The calamari steak was a bit strange. Surprisingly, I don't think I overcooked it, but it still had a strange texture. Not like rubber bands, but chewy and springy. Okay, a bit like rubber bands. I would do itagain but I want to read up more on how to make it and try something different. The asparagus was very good and I was easily able to eat a whole pound of it!

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