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Falafel and Roasted Turnips Wednesday, May 22, 2013, 10:29 AM



I made the basic falafel but did two things differently. The first is that I made it two days earlier and only cooked it tonight. Some recipes call for letting the matter sit for a while but I do not think it really made a difference. The other thing I did was cook it on Reynold's Non-Stick foil instead of a silpat. It is hard to say for sure what difference it made, but I do think the silpat have a nicer crust. It wasn't a big deal either way.

I also roasted some turnips. I am trying to see if I think they can stand in for potatoes in some dishes. So far, I think they would work though they have aslightlydifferent flavor and they are more work since you have to peel them.20130523-102847.jpg

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