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Dunkel Homebrew Photos Sunday, September 08, 2013, 04:39 PM


Photos for theBanana Bread Dunkelweizen

Initial setup with water. Worried that the rack may be elevating too high but in the end I think it was fine:20130909-113745.jpg

Showing how I stir with thermometer in wort while adding heat. I keep a close eye on it20130909-113809.jpg

After stirring notice how it looks like some areas with more grain than others. Need to distribute it better20130909-113814.jpg

BrewDog likes (unhopped) wort. (reminder, Hops+Dog==Sick/Death)20130909-113840.jpg

My emergency backup chilling method. I'm glad the bag was waterproof.20130909-113846.jpg

You can see as I siphoned from the whirlpooled wort, I still had a lot of trub. Not sure if irish moss would have helped this.20130909-113906.jpg

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