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Angel Food Cake Thursday, February 13, 2014, 05:22 PM


20140216-172158.jpgI made angel food cake. I had 4 leftover egg whites and other eggs I wanted to use up. I got the recipe from the book Ratiowhich is all about the ratios in baking/cooking. The basic Angel Food Cake ratio is 3:3:1 Eggwhites:sugar:flour. Plus a bit of lemon juice and cream of tartar while beating the egg whites and vanilla at the end. (I'll come back and add the actual recipe) (Added 2017-07-16: Angel Food Cake).

I used 254g egg whites (from 8 eggs) so the rest scales. This is my first time making this cake and Ididn't know what the expect. I also know you're supposed to use a tube pan but they said that a spring-form pan would work. I actually clamped it over parchment paper (and then released a bit, pressed out the air, and clamped again). It still rose up enough and seemed to work fine.

I followed the directions including folding the flour/sugar into the eggs but when I poured it into the pan, I realized I had missed a good amount of flour. So I had to fold the egg white_sinside_the pan (and I then whipped it).

It was fully cooked at 30 min or so. I cooled it upside down. The cake was very, very good. It reminded me of what I have had in the past. The only thing is that it was really a bit too sweet and sticky. Next time, I'll do 3:2.5:1 (or 6:5:2) ratio

[Recipe to follow]

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