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Falafel with Soy Tzatziki Wednesday, May 14, 2014, 09:10 PM


20140515-091331.jpgI made falafel with a few minor changes. First of all, I tried to triple the recipe since I had the stuff and the herb bunches were large. That was a mistake. The food processor really had trouble. I eventually dumped it into a large bowl, mixed it together and put it back in.

Other than that, I added some turmeric since Meredith is trying to eat more of it. Also, while I followed the recipe amounts, I used newer, fresher and higher quality coriander. Between the more potent coriander and the turmeric, the falafel took on a decidedly curry-esque flavor. And, the turmeric stained the new white counters (oops!). And I used a fresh squeezed lemon instead of lemon juice.

Still, despite over chopping it, it still came out pretty good. For future reference, I used the Oxo Medium cookie scoop (1.5 Tbsp) on 2/3 of the final dough (2 batches) and it made 30 so about 15/batch. We served it with small whole wheat pita pockets (~130 cal/each)

Meredith also made tzatziki with soy yogurt. They claimed it was "plain" yogurt but it was exceedingly sweet. If you read the ingredients, they add both white grape juice and agave. Why?!?!?!?!?!? Anyway, this is pushing me even more to try to make my own Almond Milk Yogurt so we can [attempt to] control the final output.

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