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Hiroshima Okonomiyaki Sunday, October 26, 2014, 09:45 PM



Meredith has been wanting to make these for a while! It is essentially a Japanesepancake with all kinds of fillings, etc.

We used the recipe from Just One Cook Book. Actually, the video was also super helpful. We did make a few changes based on what we like but nothing too major. Instead of pork belly, we used center cut bacon (much less fat). And, instead of only cooking the bacon on the pan, we par-cooked it for about 10 minutes at 375°F so that it was more cooked and more fat was rendered off. We also used cut up seaweed snacks for the seaweed (tororo kombu).We actually already hadOkonomi sauce, since I had bought it already. (BTW, it tastes like thicker and more flavorful Worcestershire sauce). We also used a regular noodle (though still japanese) and a lot less of it.And no mayo. Finally, we used some panko instead of tempura scraps

Making it was not too bad. It seemed daunting but it is actually pretty simple. My description of the steps are:

  1. 1/4 cup pancake batter spread out

  2. top with powderedkatsuobushi and panko

  3. add seaweed stuff

  4. handful of cabbage, then scallions, and bean sprouts

  5. 3 slices of bacon

  6. a little bit of batter

  7. FLIP.

  8. Stir-fry separately some noodels withOkonomi sauce. Let get slightly crisp.

  9. Once cooked, move pancake onto noodles. (bacon side down on noodles)

  10. break egg and fry.

  11. Put pancake+noodles onto egg, noodles side down on egg

  12. Top with sauce


Hiroshima Okonomiyaki (from Just One Cookbook)

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