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Vegetable Seitan (a la Broccoli Beef) Tuesday, October 28, 2014, 04:10 PM


IMG_1397.JPG I wanted a stir-fry and always love the broccoli beef. Meredith however was sick of too much broccoli. And I used home-made seitan instead of beef. I actually ended up doubling the seitan and froze four of the logs. This was not my intention but I messed up so I had to add more.

The veggies were:

I used the regular broccoli beef recipe. I made this in two separate batches for lunch and dinner. For both, they got 1/2 of the seitan recipe (1/4 per person) but I think I could go lighter next time to save the oil. Stir-frying the seitan first didn't seem to make a difference. I was a bit concerned since the broccoli was cooking slower than the other ingredients but I just moved things around so that it was on the bottom.

No real other notes here. Nothing too special but the meal was very good. And, except for all of the chopping, pretty easy!

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