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Huevos Motuleños (or something like that) Sunday, August 09, 2015, 02:50 PM


I had listened to a story on NPR about basted eggs and they talked abouttheirhuevos rancheros. I liked the idea so I used it for inspiration but I kind of did my own thing.

The steps are below. Overall, it was really, really good. Lots of interesting flavor with good textures. I really liked on my serving how crispy the tortilla got but the egg was overcooked. On Meredith's, I cooked it for less time which meant her egg was better but the tortillas wasn't as good. Next time, I would let the tortillas cook a bit longer before topping.

Also, upon further research, we found that what we actually made was closer toHuevos motuleos. Also, while this was very goodwith the salsa, next time, I want to try some New Mexican green or red (or both) chili sauce

Anyway, the instructions and steps are below:

I started by heating three corn tortillas on a lightly oiled (pammed) pan. Once one side was hot, I flipped them and moved on (but see note above about the timing here)


I then sprayed them again with pam and make sure to get the exposed metal parts too. Then I topped it with two eggs and a handful of drained black beans

Eggs, and bean

Next, I added Pace Hot Picante Sauce/Salsa,and low fat feta cheese (strange but it's what we had and the saltiness was good)

Ready to cook

I covered it and let it cook around medium until it was finished.

All cooked

In the mean time, I cooked some thick center-cut bacon in the toaster. I cut that into smallerpieces and topped: (same photo as at the top):

Slid onto a plate and topped with bacon

2015-10-27 Update:

Made into a Recipe Book Post

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