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Brussel Sprout Tofu (a la Broccoli Beef) Monday, March 06, 2017, 07:50 PM


I made Broccoli Beef except without broccoli and without beef. I had a bag of brussel sprouts I needed to use up and some tofu (Trader Joes Super Firm) we bought last week but didn't get to eat.

I followed the recipe except used rice-wine vinegar instead of just rice-wine. I also briefly marinated to cubed tofu but without the corn starch (no need to velvet the brussel sprouts).

I quartered the brussel sprouts and super-hot stir-fried them. Then I separated sautéed the tofu and added it together. I had a bit too much sauce so it came out salty but otherwise really good. Lots of flavor from the brussel sprouts with high heat.