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Grilled Sausage, Chicken Wings, and Broccolini Sunday, May 28, 2017, 09:03 PM


A surprisingly easy meal! We bought a Mexican Chorizo link and Southwest chicken sausage (or was it turkey?). I grilled them at the same time that I tried to gril chicken wings. Well, they were the full, uncut wings so it was both the "flats" and the drumettes. Anyway, I just grilled them to get them kind of crispy, tossed them with some buffalo sauce (mixed butter and Franks Red Hot), and tossed them back on the grill for a bit. I finally tossed it again with the sauce.

That worked well enough though the skin could have been crispier. I've been reading around and next time I will cook them at a (much?) lower temp and then put them on the hot side to crisp the skin. I still liked it but Meredith had me put her's back on for a bit to crisp up (which worked well).

Nothing really special about the sausage but it was good. We also had Broccolini grilled just for a little bit.

On the grill: