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Sous Vide Fajitas Wednesday, August 16, 2017, 09:12 PM


I made fajitas with the sous-vide cooker. I used this Homesick Texan recipe (local) for the marinate. I actually pre-made the marinade this weekend and then started it this morning. I threw it right in the sous vide cooker when I got home and did it at 131°F for about 2 hours and then semi-seared it as on the grill for 2 minutes per side.

I also pre-chopped all of the veggies except the mushrooms and got them started right away. All of this made it pretty easy! I also reduced the extra marinade to make a sauce. And Meredith made a quick version of guac.

With all that said, I was pretty disappointed with the meat. I got that temperature from a few websites, but I think it would have been much better if it were firmer and cooked hotter. It also would have been less chewy!

I do not know if I would rush to use this marinade again either. But the veggies were really good (I just used salt and Adobo seasoning)