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Japanese Curry Monday, August 21, 2017, 08:01 PM


We made Japanese Curry again. Like last time we used the same brand curry but we made a lot more of it. We used a lot of:

We also made rice for this meal. I did it with 5/8ths a pack of curry (that is supposedly 7.5 servings). I used 4 blocks (1/2 package) of "super hot"1 and the other 1/8th was just "hot" like last time.

While I did like the spice, I thought it was less flavorful this time. Meredith thinks it's because we served it on rice, but I think we diluted it a bit too much with the veggies.

It was still good though! We planned to make only 4 servings, but decided to make 6 so we have extra lunches!

I would still do this again, but probably with a bit more curry blocks.

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