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Romesco Eggs Benedict and Roasted Potatoes Sunday, October 08, 2017, 02:38 PM


Meredith and I made Romesco Eggs Benedict for friends we were having over for brunch.

I made the same Hollandaise but added a big dollup of romesco sauce at the end. I also did with with about 3/5x times the eggs (basically, adjusted to 5 eggs).

Meredith poached the eggs (and also made the romesco) and I did the hollandaise. We also again did it with Boars Head Tavern Ham instead of thickly sliced canadian bacon.

I also made roasted potatoes from the canned poatoes. I did it with butter, garlic powder, and some salt. I started it at the 375°F but bumped it up to 450°F to crisp it up more (and faster).

It all came out reall good, except too much sauce. I liked these modification though. I wonder what else we coud try with the hollansaise.