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Green Chile Stew Monday, February 05, 2018, 08:45 PM


We had bought a big costco thing of turkey so I decided to make green chile stew. I decided not to directly follow the previous recipes (a,b), and instead combine them along with my changes from the first time plus the back of the chile bag.

I started with:

and sauteed them before adding

To that, I added (or eventually added later) to taste:

Meanwhile, based on the back of the (giant) green chile bag, I made a roux seperatly with

and let it get medium dark. I added (and adjusted to taste)

That was a massive amount of green chile but I also (correctly) figured it had a lot of water. Adding it frozen was a big mistake as it took forever to melt despite the water booiling around it. I actually ended up taking it out and microwaving it.

Anyway, once it was all melted, I tasted it and found it to be bland still. I decided to add more salt and Better than Boullion, but also add

That finally helped. It was still far from as good as Golden Pride but I liked it. It came out pretty darn spicy though. And it really made way too much. I got five decently sized (4 ladle scoops or so) servings. I am not sure I would use this branch chile again. It was lacking in flavor, even though it was spicy.

I think next time, I will just suck it up and add "Flavor Enchancer" (i.e. MSG). I should look at a few other recipes too.