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Carne Adovada Monday, April 09, 2018, 07:51 PM


I made a big batch of carne adovada (which I moved to its own page from last time). The only real change was that I had ~4 lbs of pork loin so I 4/3 all of the ingredients. I started aiming for 10 oz of chiles and then realized that I was measuring with the stems trimmed off. I ended up with about 8 oz w/o stems.

Other than that, I just followed my recipe! I let it marinate for a while and then cooked it. The only problem is that I only cooked it for ~3.5 hours and I didn't do any uncovered (so it was thinner than I would like). The pork was fully cooked but really needed more time.

I think next time, I may try the slow cooker. Also, given that it cooks so long, I am not sure marinating it really matters much.

But it was really good! I like this recipe

Also, next time I think I will just blend all of the onions.