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Springroll Salad with Shrimp Thursday, June 14, 2018, 07:50 PM


Meredith and I made Spring Roll Salad like we did a few weeks ago. We did the same basic thing but actually used cellophane noodles instead of zuchinni. Meredith tripled the dressing but only doubled the sugar. And used lite coconut milk (making the whole thing pretty healthy). Again, we used pre-cut cabbage and carrots.

I made the shrimp by fast defrosting (directly in water) and then tossing them with a bit of oil, salt, and Penzys Singapore Seasoning. I then baked it for about 12 minutes at 400°F. The shrimp came out really good!

I liked it and, like I said, I think it was pretty healthy (since we did it with lite coconut milk).