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Donburi Wednesday, July 18, 2018, 06:53 PM


I made donburu after Meredith had it at a resuaturant last weekend. Here is a
photo of hers(full-size) for reference and ours was much less pretty, and not as good. But ours was still not too bad.

I made a marinade with about:

I marinated cubed chicken for about 3 days (too long, more on that later).

For the stif-fry itself, I made a big batch of brown rice (used the same from Kimchi Fried rice with 2 cups of rice. And saved 2 additional servings). To that, I stir-fried a bag of cauliflower rice. I set that aside and stif-fried a thing of sugar-snap peas and broccolini. Finally, I took that off and stir-fried (well, eally steamed) the chicken with the marinade.

When that was done, I combined it all with more marinade made wtih the same basic proportions, just a little bit more of everything. Except we ran out of soy sauce so I used coconut aminos.

It was good enough. The chicken marinated for way too long and basically came out cured! A bit odd. And the flavor itself was fine, but could have been less salty. I will look up a few more recipes for next time.