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Vegetarian Adovada Saturday, November 03, 2018, 01:30 PM


I have been wanting to test making a vegetarian version of my carne adovada both out of curisoity and as a potential for Thanksgiving.

I figured I would do it with tofu and seitan as a test. Tofu is (way) easier but I wasn't sure it could hold up to the simmering. Seitan we figured would be (a) tastier and (b) more resiliant.

Adovada (sauce)

The sauce was pretty typical except that we got a different brand chile (see picture). These seemed to be both darker and more moist. As such, I went a bit heavy on them. I was also afraid they were spicier but they were about the same. See how dark the liquid is in the seitan photos.

The other main change was to use a mixture of Seasoned Vegetable and Roasted Garlic boullion

I went slightly heavy on the water since I knew I would be reserving some


I based the seitan on regular seitan logs, 2016-01-12, and the referenced recipe.

I made it with

I decided to use the blender since it was already used so I figured I would use it to mix all of the ingredients and the oil would help soften the seitan. Since I was using the blender, I knew the oil would emmulsify fine.

I heated the liquids post blending and added the gluten to the liquid. It came together really nicely and I kneaded it for a little bit. I then cut it up into strips, rolled it out, and then cut it into pieces which I added to the sauce.

Final Result

After mixing two blocks of "Super Firm Tofu" with the seitan, I braised it at 325°. As you can see, it came out super dry! I think what happened was the seitan absorbed the rest of the liquid! It still tasted good but was very, very dry.

The tofu held up well but wasnt super flavorful. I liked the flavor, and even the texture of the seitan. But it did absorb a lot of the liquid.

I think if I wanted to do this again, I would do it with the seitan but simmered independently first.