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Patty Melts Wednesday, November 07, 2018, 08:30 PM


I made us Patty Melts for dinner. I bought some 85% Lean Ground Beef and did them on the cast iron. Between the fat in the burgers and the oil on the pan, it made a huge oily mess. But they came out okay, even though not as thin as I wanted.

I grilled them with fast carmelized onions (see below) and swiss (on mine) and pepper jack (on Meredith's). Despite trying so hard, I still burned them on the bottom! And super burned myself trying to flip them.

But they came out okay. Not amazing but certainly not bad.

The onions were from "15-Minute Carmelized Onions" from Serious Eats (LOCAL). I think it worked well. I liked the baking soda and sugar to speed it along. I will keep these tricks in my back pocket