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Japanese Curry Tuesday, February 05, 2019, 08:24 PM


I made Japanese Curry which we haven't done in some time. I was in The Bay Area for work and ventured into an Asian (Chinese?) supermarket. There I found some curry brands I've heard of but haven't tried (honestly, I am not sure if we have them locally in ABQ. I should look)

For the curry, I used:

Using diced potatoes saved a lot of time simmering to make sure they were soft. As did microwaving the chopped carrots.

I added the tofu and potatoes right before adding the curry blocks. I also added some togarashi to the veggies

We had some frozen rice from Donburi but not very much so I mixed it with some dried pasta (what we had open in the pantry). I also used 2 cups of the pasta water (along with 1 cup of fresh water) as the water for the curry blocks. I thought that was a good way to get the extra starch for it all (plus flavor)

I let it simmer really low for about 30 minutes while we put Caroline to bed.

I liked it. It's been a while since we've had curry so it is hard for me to compare to other curry blocks. I do with they were all spicier! But we should keep this meal in mind. It wasn't too hard to make. And I liked using canned potatoes! That was a nice time saver.