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Chicken and Dumpling Soup Sunday, February 10, 2019, 09:26 PM


I made chicken and dumpling soup. The veggies for the base were 1.5 onions, and some carrots and celery. I sautéed them pretty well and then, following an article from The Kitchn, pushed them aside and seared the chicken (in batches).

I used 10 cups of water along with (lots of) Better than Boullion. I also added some vegemite. After it simmered for a while and I tasted it, I added some soy sauce and some anchovy paste.

I shredded the chicken in the mixer but I went a bit overboard and made "chicken dust" out of it. Meredith liked it since there were no chicken chunks but I thought it would have been better with larger pieces.

I made dumplings from the My Name is Yeh recipe as we've used before. When I first made these I said to keep the pot uncovered but I think I mis-remembered how I used to do Matzah Balls. I put the dumplings into the rolls of the boil and then let it simmer covered! They came out really good!

I think it was pretty good overall. Not the most amazing soup but not bad either.