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Tofu with Chraimeh Sauce Monday, July 08, 2019, 08:23 PM


We made Tofu and haricots verts (green beans) with chraimeh sauce from Ottolenghi Simple.

Meredith had prepped the spices a few days earlier but then we made the rest for dinner. We doubled the recipe and also steamed the green beans (~7 min)

While we basically otherwise followed the recipe, I think the pan was too hot when I added the spices. They started to smoke right away. We ended up adding a bit of water to them to try to cool it back down. The kitchen filled with cough-inducing smoke.

We ended up mixing it all with the tofu rather than afterwards. It made a good bit of food.

We mostly liked it. It was very spicy and burned to make it but the flavor was pretty good. Next time, Meredith wants to try it with smoked (but not hot) paprika to (a) change the flavor a bit and (b) tone down the heat.

While it is nice (and easier) to use tofu, I think this would be really good with chicken too.