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NBWeb2 Help Page


All regular paths directly correspond to a page except with .html instead of .md. There are also special pathss

Special Paths

Special paths start at the base with an underscore.

The following are general purpose

URL Queries

Queries are things like ?q=<value>.

For general paths:

There are some other specific one for special paths. Some include:


When viewing a specific revision of a page, if configured, there will be [@rev] on all internal links. If not, it must be done manually. For example, if /path/to/a/page.html?rev=f080cf73 has a link to /path/to/other.html, then manually add ?rev=f080cf73 to the URL.

Sometimes pages may be at different commits but clearly are modified around the same time. For example, if you are viewing /path/to/a/page.html?rev=f080cf73, at the top it may say:

You are viewing revision f080cf73 from 2019-09-23 10:49:05 -0600.

You can instead see /path/to/other.html at a date close to it such as /path/to/other.html?date=2019-09-23 which will be any time on that day. Note that this uses git log --before to parse. If it cannot parse the date, it will show the latest.

The search engine is not perfect but should provide a useful enough result. Note that order is considered in ranking the results. Quotes can also be used to enforce a grouping of items.

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