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Saturday, August 29, 2015, 07:18 PM (2015-08-29_191806)

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Atlantic Beach Pie

Saturday, August 29, 2015, 12:00 AM (2015–08–29_000000)

We made Atlantic Beach Pie (local) for a BBQ where we said we’d bring dessert.

Meredith had been wanting to try it since she was intrigued by the crust.

We ended up adding about 3 Tbsp butter since it wasn’t coming together (may be because we did the crumbing by hand so it was bigger). Also, while we did buy disposable 8–3/4“ pie pans, they were falling apart with the pressure trying to shape the crust. So we moved to a 9” spring-form pan (with the intention of not opening it when serving but it ended up being fine. In general. this made less filling than expected so there was a different shape than I had planned when you look at the final pictures.

The recipe says you can use lemon or lime. We did 4 limes and 1 lemon to make the volume.

The pie was pretty good. Others at the BBQ were surprised that it was saltines but were equally intrigued as we were. And it was pretty good. Somewhat reminiscent of a key lime pie, a lemon meringue pie, and lime bars (a la lemon bars). Also, it was so easy! The crust was really the hardest part. The rest just came together quickly and simply. We’d do this again!


Additional Photos

The saltines about to be crushed

Shaping the crust

Out of the oven:


Atlantic Beach Pie (from NPR)
Local Copy (U: “guest”, P: name of my dog, all lower case)

Quick Balsamic Stir-Fry

Friday, August 28, 2015, 07:00 PM (2015–08–28_190000)

Meredith wasn’t very hungry and had her own leftovers so I threw together a stir-fry. I used my standard Balsamic Sauce recipe but threw together all of the vegetables.

See the photo below for a picture while cooking. I used mostly leftovers and things I had around. I am probably missing something, but it was

And WestSoy Seitan.

Overall, it was ok. I feel like this was not the best of the balsamic sauce iterations. But it may just be the mix of vegetables. Anyway, it was a quick and easy meal.

Insalata Caprese (with Homegrown Tomatoes and Basil)

Friday, August 28, 2015, 06:00 PM (2015–08–28_180000)

Meredith made a caprese salad out of tomatoes (Cherokee Purple variety) and basil she grew! Not much more to it, but it is really cool. And they were really good. She did have to cut the tomatoes at a strange angle because of the stupid birds/bunnies/phantoms/??? that has been trying to eat them.

The salad was:

Additional Photo:

Eggs + Tortillas (with Borracho Beans), Kale Salad, and Leftovers

Thursday, August 27, 2015, 08:00 PM (2015–08–27_200000)

Not the greatest picture but…:

This was kind of a thrown together meal, except that it involved some pretty time intensive things that Meredith had made over the prior weekend.

The beans/eggs thing was a very quick version of Huevos Motulenos except that we used Borracho Beans that Meredith made earlier in the week. The borracho beans were from Homesick Texan variation on Jalapeno beans. Meredith thought they were pretty good but the beans needed salt. Conventional wisdom is to not salt them before cooking since it will turn the skin hard, but she has been reading up on alternative methods. More on that when she does them.

The kale salad (not yet pictured but will be soon) was from The Kitchn [local]. She basically followed the recipe except:

I thought it was pretty good. Meredith was getting tired of it since she had it for so many meals, but it was still tasty. And a good lunch since it has the quinoa.

Kale & Quinoa Salad with Dates, Almonds & Citrus Dressing (from The Kitchn)
Local Copy (U: “guest” P: name of my dog, all lower case)


Wednesday, August 26, 2015, 12:00 AM (2015–08–26_000000)

We made fattoush again following the same recipe (including using the Trader Joes Flat Bread).

We followed the recipe pretty closely except went much lighter on the oil and added shiso. And less buttermilk (but it was still very wet). I also topped mine with some rotisserie chicken. And we used small tomatoes from the farmers market instead of big ones.

We liked it a lot. Lots of chopping but very little cooking and nice summery flavors. The only problem this time was the radishes, fresh from the farmer’s market, were super bitter.

I am not sure if the salad is supposed to be so wet, but liked it regardless and followed the recipe or went lighter on the buttermilk so I guess this is what it’s supposed to be.

Chicken Caesar Salad

Monday, August 24, 2015, 08:00 PM (2015–08–24_200000)

We made Skinny Ceasar Salad (with this dressing). Pretty standard recipe though we keep making small changes. I will eventually move that into its own Recipe Book post. Until then, I think the biggest changes were to go lighter on the lemon and eyeball the anchovy paste. We do like this recipe a lot since it’s a pretty good approximation.

You can see our toppings below including using toast for croutons. I also put some cucumber in mine to add bulk.

Thai Style Sweet and Sour Seitan

Sunday, August 23, 2015, 08:00 PM (2015–08–23_200000)

I made a Thai-Style sweet and sour stir-fry but with seitan (I forget the brand name) instead of meat (or tofu). I followed this recipe [local] pretty closely. My changes were:

Other than that, I basically did what it said. I was a bit worried that it (a) wouldn’t be wet enough and (b) lack the flavors but I was pleasantly surprised. The tomatoes gave it a lot of moisture and the flavors were all there.

The jalapenos (incl. seeds) made it very spicy. I still really liked it. I think next time, I would use Thai peppers instead of jalapeno. And I would add red bell peppers. The recipe says you can also do broccoli, but I think, at leat for how I like to eat broccoli, I would want to up the sauce amounts too.

Sweet and sour chicken or tofu (Phad Prew Waan) (from Thai Farm Cooking School)
Local Copy – U: guest, P: (name of my dog, all lower case)

Soy Chorizo Egg Tacos

Saturday, August 22, 2015, 12:00 AM (2015–08–22_000000)

Fast, thrown together dinner. Scrambled 4 eggs with soy chorizo and a bit of green chili sauce. Then put it on toasted (quick way to heat) corn tortillas and topped more with green chili. Boring but fast, easy, and light (we weren’t very hungry…)

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