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Calamari Stir Fry and Roasted Broccoli Monday, May 28, 2012, 12:06 AM



I had to use some frozen calamari I bought a while ago. The calamari was pretty gross. It was the whole tubes and the tentacles. I persevered and made a nice stir fry. I used scisors (my meat cutting tool of choice) to cut the tubes into rings and I kept the tentacles as is. Then Isautedonions and peppers. I added the calamari and a bunch of garlic. I let it cook just until it seemed that they were all cooked. I wanted to avoid making them too rubbery. I then added rice (see 2012-05-01for pressure cooking instructions). Then, I went a bit crazy with liquids. I added soy sauce, oyster sauce, a bunch of different hot sauces, sesame oil, rice vinegar and fish sauce.

Overall, it was actually pretty good. The tentacles still managed to give me the heebbie Jeebies, but I ate them anyway.

I also made rostedbroccolisimilar to here. It could have been cooked a bit more. I also made too much at 1.5 lbs. That is a lot of broccoli to eat all alone in one sitting.

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