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Dumpling Soup Saturday, December 16, 2017, 07:18 PM


We made chicken and dumpling soup. For the broth, we sauteed:

to soften them and give them more flavor. We then used Chicken Better Than Boulloin and a little bit of anchovy paste. We let that simmer until the veggies were soft enough.

We used the (halved) My Name is Yeh dumpling recipe (LOCAL). That worked surprisingly well. I was a bit weary since it has you make a dough and then try to beat in the egg but it worked. The only thing is that next time, I would mix all of the dry ingredients to add at once! Also, the recipe didn't state to do it, but we simmered with the lid off since I know that is how you do matzah balls. (see 2019-02-11 update below)

For chicken, we used about a quarter of a Costco package of rotisserie chicken. We had half a package frozen so, after working really hard to break it up, we put some in from frozen.

It was pretty good. We liked the dumplings and the soup had lots of flavor. I am sure i used way too much Better Than Boullon but it added a lot of flavor.

2019-02-11 Update:

I suspect I did in fact simmer these uncovered, but I must have mis-remembered the matzah balls since you are supposed to simmer them covered. I do not know why/how I mixed that up! See 2019-02-10