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Pesto Eggs Benedict (Pasteurized) Sunday, January 07, 2018, 08:48 PM


While I had reuben bowls, Meredith wanted [Pasteurized] Eggs benedict. I pasteurized the eggs in the sous vide at 135°F for 3 hours (actually, you're only supposed to do 2 but we were running around).

I followed the same hollandaise as I had been doing. I again did the pesto but I tried to add the pesto after making it but it didn't work well. Next time, I think I would go back to putting the pesto in the butter.

I did use a new trick. To add the butter without making a huge mess, I poured the butter onto the lid and let it seep down slowly!

Meredith fried up the poached eggs. We also heated the [no nitrates] turkey until it was steaming.

It was pretty good. A bit too lemony and I wish it were hotter (again, I added the frozen pesto afterwards)