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Texas Style Pecan Pie Tuesday, March 13, 2018, 07:44 PM


I made Texas-Style Pecan Pie from the Taste of Texas recipe. I followed the recipe except I also added 1 tsp of salt at the end (some other recipes called for it, not all)

For the crust, I used a full batch (2 pies worth) of Pie Crust. I oiled the spring-form pan and rolled out the bottom. I cut it large and placed it in. I then rolled out the sides and formed them. Following the recipe, I baked it for about 15 minutes.

When I took it out, it had shrunken and pulled away a bit. Not sure if that will matter or not

I then made the filling. That seemed to go well, except when I poured it in (and not all fit), there was some stickier syrup and sugar on the bottom of the bowl. It may not have mixed very well. I am not sure.

I also ended up doing just ~8 oz (instead of 1 lbs) of pecans1. They super filled the pan. I wonder if the recipe uses a larger spring-form pan than mine. It also overflowed a bit (it was really wet on top; maybe because it wasn't well mixed?) so I put another pan under it.

I also made some small ones without crust.

It was pretty cooked after the initial 1.5 hours at 300°F, but I let the main one go (at 275°F) for another 15 min or so. I scrapped off the drippings. They tasted oddly like slightly burnt brownie brittle.

It came out ok. Still no idea if the remaining syrup affected anything, but it was still super sweet. The texture was a bit lumpy (egg?) but Meredith said that is how she always remembered it.

But, it won 2nd place at my work competition! So there's that!

  1. I actually called Meredith's Mom and asked her opinion since she has been making pecan pie for years. She said to err on the side of less pecans.