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Grilled Foods -- back to top

Foods that are really good on the grill. This does not count Sous Vide

Meal Ideas -- back to top

These are different ideas for meals. Some have been made while others are just ideas for the future

Rotisserie Chicken Ideas -- back to top

Meredith and I really like to buy packs of rotisserie chicken breast from Costco. It comes in a 2+ pound bag of just the breast. No skin, no dark meat, no bones. It is more per pound but still a good deal.

Below is a list of selected ideas of things to do with it that we've done before then other ideas.

List is in no particular order.

Sous Vide -- back to top

Vegetarian Dishes -- back to top

These are all meals that are naturally vegetarian or can be made vegetarian with minor changes.

For example, you may have to replace chicken bouillon/broth with vegetable. And if the point of the meal is not meat, you can either omit it or substitute.

It also includes some examples that worked well with things like Impossible Beef

For our uses, we tend to consider vegetarian by the Jewish definition of "meat". Things like kosher fish are vegetarian