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Bailey's Irish Cream White Chocolate Cheesecake Thursday, December 23, 2010, 06:51 PM


I made the usual Bailey's Irish Cream Which Chocolate Cheesecake for a holiday party. Since it was not for me to eat, I made no attempt to lighten it at all.

There are a few notes from this. First of all, I had apparently incorrectly been using the whisk all of these years. Reading the recipe again, I realized the beater blade is really what I wanted. This was particularly nice because I now have one of those blades that scrape the bowl. It was much easier to do.

The other note is that every place I went either was out or didn't carry white chocolate in bars so I had to use the chips. This was fine for in the cake because it is just ground but for the topping, I also just had to use ground instead of grated chocolate. I do not think it has as nice of an airy, white look, but it is fine.

See the recipe page (linked above) for the Points plus as well.

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