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Tilapia and Fiber One Fried Zucchini Tuesday, July 05, 2011, 12:05 PM



I experimented a bit with how to cut the zucchini. I had three. The first I used a knife to cut long-ways. This left uneven and thick pieces. Next I used the mandoline to cut slices/rounds, the normal way. This was the control. Then, I trimmed the edges and used the mandoline to cut long-ways. I ended up liking the long cuts so much that I attempted, when possible, to trim my hand-cut ones with the mandoline. The longer cuts made it faster and easier to bread, flip and serve.Definitely my new way to do it. The fiber-one frying was the standard, but I want to look for still-healthy alternatives to fiber-one for frying.

For the fish, I took frozen tilapia, added slices of roasted red peppers and then topped it with salsa (Pace brand, very hot). Despite a long cooking time, it was not fully cooked and I had to microwave it for a while. I know you can just microwave the fish from the get-go but I do not like that as much. This worked fine.

With all of the zucchini, it was a lot of food!

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