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Taquito Cupcakes Saturday, May 26, 2012, 10:18 AM



I was originally going to make taquitos, but I decided to "cupcake" them instead. Basically, it was all the usual. To make the cupcakes, I put down a layer of wonton wrappers, added some cheese, then another layer of wonton wrapper, then more filling (much less than first layer) and then a bit more cheese.

The filling was pretty standard. I saut├ęd onions (with too much oil, see note below on points), Then I added about half a cup of frozen corn. I added about half a cup of hot salsa. I also used some soy sauce instead of salt and some hot sauce. I made the shredded chicken using my standard technique. That is, about 1/8-1/4 inch of water with seasoning in the pressure cooker then cook on high for about 10 minutes. Then, shred with the mixer. After it was all mixed, I kept adding some of the pressure cooker "broth" to moisten it and let it cook down. Finally, I added 2 softened laughing cow cheese wedges

I also had steamed edamame

Wonton Wrappers (24)...8

9 oz chicken...9

1/2 cup corn...2

~2 tbsp olive oil...7

2 laughing cow...2



=32 ---> 16/serving

It came out a bit high, but I used too much olive oil. I will go lighter on it next time to save a good number of points.

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