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Spaghetti Squash and Tomato Sauce Wednesday, January 30, 2013, 07:53 PM



I made spaghetti squash with leftover tomato sauce from the party. I defrosted some, plus some of the non-frozen leftovers. After doing the spaghetti squash the normal way (cut in half, deseed, spray with pam, sprinkle with salt+pepper, then 12 min in the microwave). I also defrosted some frozen chicken sausage. The chicken sausage was way overcooked by the time it was in, but that didn't matter much. I also added a bunch of ricotta and sprinkled cheese.

Point-wise I can only really guess since I do not know the tomato sauce. It was homemade so I know there wasn't much oil (4 tbsp olive oil + butter in the whole thing, 24 points). I'll figure I had about 3 points of that (1/8th). I also do not have measurements for the amount of the cheese . Figure 2 tbsp of low fat cheese. And maybe 2.5 servings of ricotta (guessing here).

Points plus:

Sausage (2 1/2 links)...5

LF Parm Cheese...1

Full Fat Ricotta...6


12 for the two HUGE servings

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