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Carrot Pudding Saturday, March 02, 2013, 11:03 PM


I made the carrot pudding again twice. Yesterday was the normal followed closely, and the second batch today, I cut the sugar in half and added 4-5 splenda packets. It came out good but less caramelized looking and slightly fake tasting. I think this is fine but I won't go lower on the ratio as it will take more fake.

(Note, this recipe is now included in my Recipe Book)

Below is an updated recipe with a note on the two:


--- OR: ---

Put the milk and the smart balance in the pressure cooker. Heat/bring close to boil. Grate the carrots and add to hot milk mixture. Mix all the dry ingredients separately then add them to the carrots in batches stirring in between. Bring pressure cooker to full pressure on setting 2 for 15 minutes (that timing starts when the regulator starts venting).

Release the pressure quickly (just with the gauge). Then cook on medium to reduce until it is the desired consistency. You may have to scrape the pan a bit.

For the sugar, I found that the 100g/9 packets was very good with lots of caramelization and not too much "fake" flavor. A good mix. However, the 50g/13-14 packets is also still tasty, but tastes_slightly_ more fake and less carmely (in flavor and color). It comes down to whether you're will to add the calories. Obviously, a mix in between is fine too._


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