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Salmon Burger, Steamed Shrimp and Snap-Peas Tuesday, April 09, 2013, 02:20 PM



I made a pretty simple meal. I grilled (with the grill pan) a salmon burger and I steamed about 4 oz of frozen shrimp. The shrimp were overcooked a lost a lot of flavor. I think this is because i cooked them from frozen.I also steamed a bunch of sugar snap peas. Many sites (and Meredith) recommended de-stringing them. I could t figure out how to do that nor did I taste a string. So I just ate then as is. I liked how simple they were to make (I ate cutting green beans). I may try doing them in the pan next time.

Points for the meal were 4 for the salmon burger and 2 for shrimp. Not bad!!!

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