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Corned Beef with Poached Eggs Wednesday, May 01, 2013, 08:45 PM



I wanted to do something with corned beef but I was tired of just doing reuben things. I warmed/fried a bit of corned beef on the pan, put it on top of a whole grain english muffin and then topped it with a poached egg. I poached the eggs using the trick from Serious Eats where you strain away the very wet part of the egg. I forgot to use the strainer though to put the egg in the water. Still, it worked really well for one (closer in the pic) and pretty well for the other. I did cheat a bit with a tad of vinegar in the water.

The corned beef was from Whole Foods and didn't have anynitrates. I liked the idea of healthier corned beef and it was pretty good flavor wise but a bit too salty. Oh well.

I also had (too much) steamed sugar snap peas. Ididn't calculate the points, but it wasn't too bad. 3 eggs (6) (only two pictured), 2 low-fat, whole grain english muffins (6) and 1/4 lbs corned beef (~4)

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