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Broccoli and Chicken in a white wine sauce Sunday, June 02, 2013, 02:35 PM



I had this idea last week when I had italian food at a restaurant. It was supposed to be chicken in a sun dried tomato, white-wine sauce with broccoli over pasta. I asked for extra broccoli and it still had very little. And, I realized, I didn't really care about the pasta and I loved the broccoli. I always like it when it picks up the sauce. So I decided to try making a meal that was basically italian "pasta" dish but with broccoli instead.

I read a few things on white-wine sauce (Most notably Skinny Taste) and decided to follow her lead with replacing some of the wine with chicken broth. Here is my recipe/what I did. (Not copied, this is my writing it but that is also why it isn';t very specific)


Thinly slice or cut chicken into strips . Mix some flour with salt and pepper and dredge chicken. Cook in hot pan with oil spray only. Stir a lot and use white wine to deglaze as needed. When cooked, remove chicken and deglaze pan. Add pam, some Smart Balance, then put in shallots and tomatoes. Stir. Deglaze with wine as needed

Concurrently, slice broccoli into florets and cores, etc. Steam (I needed two batches) and do your best to halt cooking with cold water. Let drain.

After shallots are cooked, add garlic and crushed red pepper. After 30 seconds, add the chicken broth and wine. Add back the chicken and add the broccoli. Stir A LOT. Salt and pepper to taste. Let it cook down until thicker and/or you're out of patience. Top with (too much) parm cheese.

Makes dinner and lunch


Overall, I liked it. It wasn't as good as I had hoped but I think my sauce could be better. I just generally really like this idea. I can try other sauces or even just buy a sauce. And since the calories only come from the sauce and the chicken (and I used very little chicken for TWO meals), I can even use a higher calorie sauce! I guess this is kind of the italian version of broccoli beef. This is italian broccoli chicken.

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