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Another Breakfast Pizza Monday, October 14, 2013, 11:53 AM



We had one half dough-ball (8 oz) left so I used it to make a smaller breakfast pizza. I took it right from the fridge and tried to shape it. I had trouble but I got it just enough to make a pizza. I put a layer of Pace (I think mild or medium) on the bottom and then TJ's four cheese blend and a few jalapeƱos. When it was almost finished cooking, I added scrambled eggs and a bit more cheese. The scrambled eggs were easier to spread than cracking an egg on it, but most certainly less fancy. Still, I think for our uses, Ipreferred that.

Anyway, the pizza came out fine. Nothing really special but still pretty good and certainly an easy meal.Because I didn't roll out the dough, there was also very little cleanup

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