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Salsa Pasta with Poached Eggs Friday, October 25, 2013, 11:56 PM



I threw this together with what I had and what Meredith brought with her. I made about 3 servings of pasta. While it was going, I sauted an onion and a red pepper. I then added two small cans of chicken. I added the pasta, some of the pasta water, a bit of salsa and finally some 4-cheese blend.

I also poached eggs using the technique where you strain the very wet part out ofthe eggs. I guess these were fresh enough that there was very little of the wet part. I did cheat a bit and I used some vinegar in the water. I overcooked them a bit but there was still some runniness to it.

For a thrown together meal, this wasn't bad! (Next time, I'll skip the chicken. You barely tasted it and there was enough protein from the eggs)

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