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Corned Beef Hash, Fried Eggs, and Roasted Asparagus Monday, November 04, 2013, 09:16 AM



I made corned beef hash using the basic idea of last time. I didn't really measure the ingredients but I added some ketchup and sriracha while cooking it. I microwaved the potatoes for 5 minutes and then added them to the onions and (3 small) pobalno peppers being sauted. Towards the last 10 minutes I added about 1/2 pound of corned beef cubes (asked for two 1/4 in. slices). After adding seasonings and then ketchup and sriracha, I pressed into the pan to let it crisp.

I also fried 4 eggs (two meals worth) to top on them. Finally, I roasted asparagus in the oven at 425 for 15 minutes. I think next time I do asparagusin the oven, I will cut it into smaller pieces first since it is so hard to cut once cooked.

Anyway, the hash was extremely flavorful. Lots of heat from the poblanos (and maybesriracha) but an incredible amount of flavor. Maybe a bit too much salt but not by much.

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