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Mie Goreng [Indonesian Fried Noodle] with Kohlrabi Noodles Monday, November 10, 2014, 08:35 PM



We made Mie Goreng, a Java Fried Noodle that Meredith had and loved when she visited Indonesia. The biggest thing we did though was to use spiralized kohlrabi for the noodles. We sprialized 3 of them and the stir-fried it in two batches until they were softer and beginning to cook.

For the rest, we made two batches of the recipe (lunch and dinner) and made the following changes to each batch:

It stir-fried well. I was a bit worried about the shrimp but I threw them in a few second before the greens and they cooked enough. I did have to scrape (with a wooden spatula) the bottom of the wok from the paste sticking. Making the paste was torture on the eyes from the shallots but other than that, the work of the meal was really just chopping.

And it came out really good. Meredith said that it was reminiscent of what she had in Indonesia. We'll make it again. And, it was pretty low points. Basically just from the shrimp, the oil and the sugar in the Kecap Manis.


Kecap Manis [Indonesian Sweet Soy Sauce] (from Fuss Free Cooking)

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Mie Goreng [Indonesian Fried Noodle] (from Wok With Ray)

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Additional Photos

All of the ingredients prepped Making the paste Making the sweet soy sauce Stir-Fried Kohlrabi noodles

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