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Teriyaki and Mexican Jerky [Ground] Tuesday, December 30, 2014, 02:07 PM


Photos to follow...

Meredith got me a dehydrator for Christmas and these were my first two attempts at making jerky! I decided to do ground meat jerky for the simplicity, low cost and easier-to-chewiness.

I did lots of reading and watching videos on how to make it and settled with the book JUST JERKY: The Complete Guide to Making it,by Mary Bell

I followed the basic recipe from there for the teriyaki (with 95/5 ground beef) and then later, the Mexican (with ~90/10 ground bison).

For both of them, I mixed up the meat and marinated it (overnight for the beef, 1 hr for the Mexican). I made small, ~1in meat balls which I then flattened between two sheets of wax paper with wooden skewers as a thickness guide. The beef was easy! Not too wet and come together nicely. The bison was horrible! There was so much liquid from that marinade that it was super hard to form.

I cooked them both for about 4-6 hours with the trays rotated once or twice. I let the teriyaki go a bit too long and the bison was super too long (we had left the house). It is nearly crispy. I intended to dab oil off but it never formed.

The teriyaki was very good though too salty. Tasted like beef jerky. The Mexican was also very good though it would be better if less cooked. For next time, I would severely reduce the liquid in the Mexican.

And I would look for better spacing to make them a tad thicker. But I do like the ground

The recipes are linked below but my final recipe (with my changes) are as follows. The biggest changes were less salt (for Mexican) and using garlic powder. Also some sugar in the teriyaki


(see the attached recipe for instructions). Notes for the future: Less salt, more sugar


Again, see instructions for recipe. Less water next time. Maybe just the salsa or cut both to keep the consistency. Also, it would certainly benefit from not being dried so much....

Teriyaki and Mexican Jerky [Ground] (from just JERKY: The Complete Guide to Making it,by Mary Bell)(position 1135 & 1193)

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